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LARP Medics, Healers and Ancillary Professions

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Hey There, My name is dan and I play a Churgeon in a system called Blood Red Roses. It is a small LARP event based loosely around the era of the English War of the Roses period. Eem, don't really know what to say but we strive for realism in eveything we do. Much fake blood and fake limbs. (This means i do get to do amputations). Its a great laugh but i did find the aquisition of a 'doctors' bag the hardest bit of collecting ever. I now onw a reaseonably sized bag and regularly use most of it on the unsuspecting players.
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Hugs to all,
Just wondering who's coming to the next event?
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Hullo! I'm Kat, and stationed in North Carolina, USA.

I excitedly discovered a somewhat involved LARP that is very, exactly, nearly identical to the one I ran for a couple years in New Hampshire. Anyway, our group (The Axe and the Amulet) Was more proficent in plot and cultural/character development, but we lacked the capital to own boffer weapons.
In any case, as a result, I have no boffer weapon, so I've been told that I will serve as an NPC. Quickly I told them that there was no way I would be caught as an NPC, and instead offered to be an NCP, or non-combative Player. This means I had to develop a cleric.
I have basic character development down to a science, but I have no idea what being a cleric actually means in combative LARPs. What is a medic's kit contain? How does a medic... work, really? -worried-

Thank you so much for helping with this!

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Hi to all,
I'm really thick but could peeps say who they are...OOC and IC...so I can try and memories them before the event (fat hope of me doing that but I can but try)
Hugs to all
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THey're far too pricey (the last one might be doable), but they do give a nice idea of what could be in kits.
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Went car booting today.

Managed to find various bits for myself for Shards and Crim Req and also stuff for dancer_gates and riksowden. I've also got various medical kit stuff spare if anyone else wants it.

EDIT: purpleheather has claimed the top fruit knife, the wooden hook and the big knife. All else is stil grabable though.

Two fruit knives (I use them as depressors) and a spoon.


Two hooky things of evil and a bone knife with lizard handle


Larger black wood knife


Everything's 50p each, except for the larger knife which is £1. If you want it I can bring it along to Shards.
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Right, today I goes a-shopping and I buy:

4 Clamps for purpleheather
1 Set needles for dancer_gates

And some white bias binding but that's mostly irrelevant here.

Anyone else want anything in the clamps/needles vein?

Oh and this weekend I might be car booting with Christie (no, I can't spell her LJ name easily) if I can get her to come, so other junk might be found.

If people could post an updated Want List in the comments here before Sunday if they want me to keep an eye out, it would be appreciated.
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Hi to all,
I've been hanging around the list since it first was annocounce via the Shardlrp website, but haven't had the time to work out how to post,etc. So finally thought I should give everyone a *wave* hello. Usually you'll see me wandering round looking vaguely lost as the air elemental Molly (Navigator), or if you where at the weeklong you'll have seen my old character Mab (High Bard of Faerie - for her sins), but at the next event (Five Thunders) I'll be playing a member of the Takeda Clan, a healer/bard by the name of Haruko.
My other half Dave also plays a healer on and off, Dr Hayden Jekylle (love old git).
We have a joint healers/medics kit which comprises the following items...
Bottle of fake blood
Discetion kit (ebay find)
Lots of verious clamps
Couple of bottles for random pain killers
A Latex Bone Saw
A Latex mallet
And other random items including a derringer for dealing with really annoying customers *LOL*
Well that's us for now
Hugs to all
Kazzy and Dave
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Rik & Jim - 5 yards
Kath - 5 yards*
Christi - 5 yards **
Mark - 5 yards and a selection of festive bows!
Heather - 5 yards

* I'm not going to be in Brum this weekend, Kath. I may be able to ask Oli to bring it to you when he visits you next weekend, or I could post it to you, but that'll cost more, as posting 5 yards of fabric may cost something.

** Christi, do you want 5 yards or 5 metres (about 5.5 yards IIRC) The guy on the market in Rochdale doesn't seem to do metric.

Woohoo - I get to go to the market guy and ask for 25 yards of white cotton.

Helen - do you want any, if so how much and shall I post it to you.

Does anyone want their material posted to them prior to the October, event for cutting up, fake blood staining, etc?

Anyone else for some? Have I forgotten anyone?

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Just had an idea - a latch hook rug tool might make a good pokey thing for inclusion in med kits:

Latch hook rug tool

They can be picked up for about £2 from craft style shops.

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